Maxime Snaterse, pianoMaxime Snaterse was born in Almelo in 1996. She began at the age of nine with  following piano lessons. After three years of private piano lessons from teacher Lena Markov she continued, after a period of more than a year with no lessons, her study with Bella Tubejeva. After a successful audition in 2011, Maxime was admitted in the Young Talent Class at the ArtEZ Conservatory in Zwolle. Since then, she follows piano lessons with Frank van de Laar.

In the past few years she participated among others in the Rotterdamse Pianodriedaagse (honourable mention, 2008), the YPF Piano Competition (2010 & 2013) and the International Piano Competition for Young Musicians (2012).

At the age of eleven, she won the first prize at the Young Music Talent Regional Competition. She received twice the second prize at the Regional Final of the Prinses Christina Concours East (2012 & 2014), the third prize at the Steinway Piano Competition and as a result of that, an article was written about her in the music magazine Pianowereld, in the column Young Talent. Besides that, she was one of the nominees for the Vrienden Cultuur Prijs  in Tilburg (2014) and she represented the ArtEZ Conservatory during the Grachtenfestival Conservatory Competition (2017). She also gave live-recitals on Radio 4 (Opium & Muziekwijzer) and Radio Almelo.

Maxime followed several masterclasses, among others with David Kuyken, Marien van Nieukerken, Willem Brons, Juris Zvikovs, Massimo Cottica, Håkon Austbø and the Osiris Trio. Besides that, she gave many recitals at different locations, under which the Kleine Zaal of the Concertgebouw AmsterdamMuziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ Amsterdam, Musis Sacrum Arnhem and Muziekcentrum Enschede. In December 2015, she performed in Greece, in the Megaron Music Hall (Thessaloniki) and for the Dutch Ambassy (Athens) at the invitation of the Prinses Christina Concours. In March 2017, she had the great experience to play as a soloist with the ArtEZ Symphony Orchestra conducted by Joost Smeets, giving concerts in De Spiegel Zwolle and Muziekcentrum Enschede. A documentary has been made about this orchestraproject, which will be broadcasted at television channel BravaNL. Besides playing with orchestra, Maxime played in a variety of ensembles, among them piano trio’s and duo’s with saxophone, voice, cello and piano. She also participated in the International Mozarteum Summeracademy Salzburg (2016), where she followed masterclasses with Andrea Lucchesini, and in the Orlando Festival (2012). At this moment, Maxime is part of the program Young Masters Wilp, an initiative that creates the opportunity for young talented musicians to give concerts and helps them in the process of becoming a cultural entrepeneur.

After graduating with a pre-university education including the study of Greek (gymnasium diploma), Maxime started in the year 2014-2015 her study Classical Piano at the ArtEZ Conservatory in Zwolle. In 2015-2016, she followed the ArtEZ Honours Programme as an addition to her bachelor programme. In the same year, she was co-organiser of the Britten Violin Concours. Next to her bachelor at the conservatory, she started her bachelor Industrial Engineering and Management at the University of Twente in the year 2016-2017.